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    A Serious Case Of Insensitivity, Part 2

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    (New Year’s Eve is in full swing. Shortly before the midnight countdown, a coworker of mine drops down dead beside me from a brain aneurysm. We went into shock and obviously tried to help her. The customer that she was serving starts complaining about the quality of service.)

    Customer: “Leave her, it’s almost midnight! I need my glass of wine to celebrate!”

    Me: “Sir, we believe she may be dead. Please have a bit of compassion. The bar will be closing now while we wait for emergency services.”

    Customer: “Forget that! We want to celebrate. Get me my drink now and take her body out back or something!”

    Me: “Security! Throw this man out and clear the bar.”

    Customer: “I will get both her and you fired for this!”

    Call 911: We’ve Got A Serious Case Of Insensitivity