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    (A customer is getting a beauty treatment done and is trying to work out why she has skin problems.)

    Customer: “I just don’t understand it. I take really good care
    of my skin. I get facials and I only use really good make-up.”

    Me: “Well, the problem could be caused by something really simple, like an allergic reaction. Have you always used the same brand of make-up?”

    Customer: “Yes, and I only use the best! I can’t be allergic, I don’t ever use the cheap stuff!”

    Me: “It’s probably something else then. What do you use to remove your make-up?”

    Customer: “Like…what?”

    Me: “When you take off your make up at night, what do you use?”

    Customer: *silence*

    Me: “Do you use a cleanser or soap and water?”

    Customer: “I don’t take it off. Are you supposed to?”

    Me: “Well, yes. Make-up can cause damage to your pores if you wear it constantly. Why don’t you take it off?”

    Customer: “In case I have to answer my door when I’m asleep.”

    Me: “In your sleep?”

    Customer: “Don’t judge my social life! You probably don’t have many friends!”