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    A Customer By Reef-erral

    | Ashford, England, UK | Crazy Requests, Funny Names

    (I’m stacking the shelves when a sweet little old lady approaches.)

    Little Old Lady: “Excuse me. Do you know where I can find some cannabis?”

    Me: “Um?”

    Little Old Lady: “Some cannabis? Do you have any?”

    Me: “I don’t think we do…”

    Little Old Lady: “Oh, such a shame. My friend bought some from here before Christmas and they were gorgeous, especially the fish ones.”

    Me: “Oh, canapés! Yes, we have those. They’re over here.”

    (I show her where they are.)

    Me: “Sorry, madam. I thought you said ‘cannabis!'”

    Little Old Lady: *laughs* “Oh, I don’t need that anymore!”