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    A Competitive Throwdown Of The Stock

    | UK | Money, Theme Of The Month, Wild & Unruly

    (An older customer is looking at the sweets.)

    Old Customer: “How much is this bar of chocolate?”

    Me: “That’s [amount].”

    Old Customer: “Really? it is only [smaller amount] at [competitor].”

    (The old customer puts the chocolate bar down, and picks up a packet of crisps.)

    Old Customer: “How much are these?”

    Me: “Those are [amount].”

    (The old customer huffs and throws them down.)

    Old Customer: “That is outrageous! They are only [smaller amount] at [competitor]!”

    Me: “I am sorry, but because they are a large chain store, they can charge a little better than us. Because we are independent, our prices are a little higher.”

    Old Customer: “You are just trying to rob an old lady! These are cheaper at [competitor]; you should be ashamed!”

    (The old customer starts to throw the chocolates around.)

    Me: “You’re more than welcome to shop there, ma’am. Please stop throwing those on the floor.”

    Old Customer: “Why would I go there! It’s half way across town! You expect an old lady to walk all that way! You are a disgrace with no respect for your elders!”

    (She starts to walk out of the shop.)

    Old Customer: “You are robbers! Daylight robbers!”

    (She leaves by throwing more stock on the floor.)