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    A Colorful Comeback

    | Marietta, GA, USA | Bigotry, Theme Of The Month, Top

    (I am getting ready to check out a customer. The only other customers present are a large African American family. My customer is a middle aged Caucasian woman. She leans forward, and motions to me as if she wants to tell me a secret.)

    Customer: “There are black people behind you.”

    Me: “Uh… yes, ma’am?”

    Customer: “You have to watch out for them, you know.”

    (I step back and stare, not knowing exactly how to respond to this. My quick thinking coworker walks by.)

    Coworker: “Their money is the exact same color as your money.”

    Customer: “What!… Well… I…”

    (She leaves her merchandise on the counter and exits the store in a huff.)