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    Causing A Drama In The Drama Section

    New York, NY, USA | Bizarre, Movies & TV

    (I work in a video rental store where new movies are put in the ‘premiere’ section for a few months before getting moved to ‘comedy,’ ‘mystery,’ etc. Even though ‘premiere’ movies had come out in the theatres about six months to a year prior to coming out for rental, people always seemed to make it a priority to pick movies from there.)

    Customer: “Where is [Movie]? I don’t see it here.”

    Me: “It was just taken from the premiere section about 30 minutes ago and put into the drama section.”

    Customer; “Oh, no! I wanted to watch that.”

    Me: “I just came from the drama section, just over there about 12 feet away, and I saw 10 copies of the film sitting there. I’m sure that there will be plenty there if you go now.”

    Customer: “Oh, I never watch a movie unless it’s in the premiere section.”

    (She turns to leave the store, sighs heavily, and sends her heartfelt complaint out to the store in general.)

    Customer: “And I REALLY wanted to see that movie!”