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Kids Say The Truthiest Things, Part 2

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    (The zoo allows children aged 3 and under in free; however, this is frequently misread by visitors as ‘under three’. A couple comes in with a boy aged around 5, and a little girl. My dad’s on the entrance till, while I’m waiting to take over for lunch break.)

    Customer: “Two adults and one child, please. She’s two.” *points at their little girl*

    Customer’s Little Boy: “Mummy, she’s three! She’s not two, mummy. Don’t you remember? She had a birthday and a cake and she’s three now. She’s not two any more! I got her a present and her friends came over and…”

    Customer: *puts on a ghastly fake smile and drags both children away*

    Customer’s Little Boy: *while being dragged away* “But she’s THREE!”

    Kids Say The Truthiest Things